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Before You Sign That Car Loan
If you have decided you are in the market for a car, typically the first challenge you’ll face is how to finance it. Usually, this means getting help with the financing. Before you sign any paperwork though, there are some things to consider before getting a car loan.
Consider all your options when looking for a personal loan. Don’t automatically take the dealership up on their offer. That’s an easy mistake a lot of first time car buyers make. Search for P2P (peer-to-peer) lending sources or more traditional routes like a bank or credit union. Shopping around guarantees you understand the different kinds of out there and that you’ve decided on the one best for you. There’s also no such thing as too much information when you walk on a car lot. Arming yourself with the knowledge of what kinds of loans are possible might just give you the bargaining chip you need with the dealership.
In shopping around for a car loan, don’t just assume the one with the lowest interest rate is the best. Always read the fine writing. Flexibility is underrated when it comes to borrowing. Just because you’re on top of your finances now, doesn’t mean the future can’t change that. On the other hand, maybe things change for the better and you decide you want to pay more than the monthly minimum or even the whole thing at once. Can you do this without penalty? Ask your moneylender this information, but again, be sure to read through the whole contract (have someone you trust take a look at it too).
Also, make sure you consider all the math upfront. If you don’t already have a monthly budget, that is definitely one of the things to consider before getting a car loan. Go through your bank records from prior months and make sure your budget is realistic. Once your budget is in place, you should have a good idea of what kind of loan you can afford. Keep in mind, too, that the monthly payment may seem low, but that might be because the amount of months you’ll be paying is so high. Use what’s known as a loan amortization calculator to run the numbers and make sure they are reasonable.
As you can see there are some crucial things to consider before getting a personal loan. Be sure to consider all your options in terms of lenders and don’t make the mistake of taking the loan at face value.
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